Description of toy fox terriers reduced to the following main characteristics:

It is energetic, moving to his small stature, brave and physically strong dog.


Toy Fox Terrier - an ideal dog for the content in a city apartment, do not need special care, but requires some physical, and especially the intellectual load.


This is a wonderful companion, friendly and intelligent, easy to train. Toy Fox Terrier is alert, inquisitive, they are not averse to try themselves at Lure coursing, agility, obedience, flyball, friesbee and more!


We are proud of the fact that our dog named Virginia became the first in Russia, and perhaps in the world, Toy Fox Terrier, a certified "dog-assistant" in Canis-therapy.

Toy Fox Terrier - an ideal dog for the content in a city apartment does not require special care of the hair, takes up little space, unpretentious food, but it requires some physical, and especially the intellectual load.

These dogs are eternal children. Remains active even in old age. Do not lose their fuse. That is why at home in America, they are the darlings of the elderly, which, thanks to the dogs move more than prolong his life, and at the same time Toy Fox Terriers would support the owner's right to rest and would be happy to lie on the couch, with interest watching TV.

Yes, it is watching TV! After hearing numerous reviews of the owners, that of Toy Fox Terriers watching TV, we did not believe at first, but then we saw this on our own dogs.


Watch home video that of Toy Fox Terriers watching television:


Toy Fox Terriers can be successfully engaged in various kinds of trainings: General training, agility, lure coursing, frisbee, freestyle, dog-puller, Canis therapy

Also, toy fox terriers are loved by the youth audience, which is pleased to participate in a variety of dog sports, thereby obtaining a good exercise, comparable classes in the gym.


Toy Fox Terrier is long-lived breed. When buying a puppy, you know that at least 15 years, he will live with you.


Many times we have heard about that that Toy Fox Terriers are not very fond of children, that they - contenders for the sole existence in the life of adult owners. On the example of our own family, in which there are children of different ages, we can confidently state that Toy Foxes - one of the friendliest and most tolerant breeds to children!

They are always willing to endure the antics of small children, but never allow itself to snap or bite the more they can spend days playing any games with older children.

We made a small collage of our children and of the Fox to demonstrate their tolerance: see here.


Toy Fox Terrier is the dog with bristling energy, a wonderful companion, and everyone's favorite, the indispensable one for someone who loves small breeds of dogs.


Also we would like to add a little about the original color of toy fox terriers. Painted head coupled with the predominantly white body, or the body with spots, as in "Ladybird", do not leave indifferent many. Believe us, If you have a toy fox terrier, people on the streets more than once will give you admiring glances and smiles!

Toy Fox Terrier - perfect for any family! For teenagers, for active youth, for seniors! Everyone on the toy fox terrier!