Yana Bruk - owner of the kennel.


My family hepls me in developing of our kennel - my husband Michael, who is my soul mate and companion, our children Artem and  Arina, and my parents, who live in a beautiful country house and our dogs are able to frequently visit the open air.

We are located in Russia, in St. Petersburg, one of the most beautiful cities in the world! But willing to communicate and make friends with all the dog lovers in every corner of the country and abroad!


Our kennel is a young, but fast-paced!


We are actively engaged with our dogs in training, agility, coursing, visiting dog shows, travelling.

Our dogs are involved in a charity project to support people with disabilities in nursing homes for orphans, sick children - Canistherapy!

The first time I saw this breed on TV on the channel Animal Planet.

Here is an excerpt from this transfer: http://youtu.be/rK3AG0eE6wU

And I fell in love ... !!!

I've been looking for a breed of dog that would fit me, my family and our way of life.


Criteria for selection of the breed quite common for urban residents: small size for the possibility of detention in a city apartment, a minimum of grooming, unpretentious food, but at the same time, strong bones, mobility, courage, tolerance to children.


Like many residents of cities, I often caught myself thinking that I suffer from inactivity that I do not have enough physical activity, which would be a pleasure, not enough more frequent walks in the fresh air, not enough of a hobby, in which it will participate with enthusiasm the whole family, which in turn unite over it.

But large breeds not allowed in small apartments. Take a small but hunting dog, did not allow conscience, because we are not hunters.

And I found the breed that combines all my wishes, and even more!

Because of that we often chosen to fresh air, visit dog shows, we go on lure coursing, agility deals, met many interesting like-minded people!



We hope that you will love this breed as well as we do!


For more information about the breed you can read

 in "About breed toy terrier".